What We Do

'Mindfulness is focusing on being highly aware of what you’re sensing in the present moment – without interpreting and judging it.'

I help you to be more mindful of what your mind and body need and together we GET OUT of everyday life, out of our heads, away from all the To Do’s and into Nature.

My goal is equip you with tools you can use when you feel yourself getting overwhelmed or upset in everyday life situations. I strongly believe that everything we need is already within us – sometimes we just need a little help to access it.

About Me

Hey! I’m Lene, I’m from Germany and moved to Wales in August 2020, in the middle of the pandemic. I was only supposed to stay for a year, but fell in love with Penarth, its community and the welsh scenery and decided to stay for good.

After I had suffered from a severe eczema outbreak for months in 2018, I got into Mindfulness during a 6-week stay in a holistic skin clinic. The Relaxation Exercises helped me calm down enough to fall asleep within minutes after I had suffered from insomnia caused by pain for more than half a year.

After realising how powerful those tools are and experiencing what an impact the exercises had on my mental and physical wellbeing, I started practising Mindfulness regularly.
I changed my whole way of being and for the first time in my life really listened to what my mind and body wanted and needed. As a result of this, I quit my job and moved to Wales. Last year I added daily sunrise sea swims to my routine to build a healthy habit that gets me out of bed each day, excited for another morning. 
That's when we accidentally founded the Dawnstalkers.

After a year of coaching people into the cold water every morning at dawn, a full year of meeting amazing people and building a community at the Seafront, I am now building Get Out! with the desire to contribute positively to people's lives full time.
If I have learned one thing, it is that I will never stop learning and there will always be new things to do and think about – 
I have started the Get Out! journey with an Outdoor First Aid Course and a Mental Health and Suicide First Aid Course. Then I did my Hill and Moorland Leader Training and am currently working towards the assessment.
Until then, I will have an experienced Mountainleader with me on all of my Retreat Days to make sure we get out into Nature – safely.

I am grateful to be in the position to take this leap of faith and it already has been so rewarding. I can't wait to spend more time with more people who want to go through life and all the ups and downs that come with it – in the most self-compassionate way possible.

Retreat Days

A full day out in nature, away from all the To Do's, time for yourself, a break from every day life, all you have to concentrate on is YOU – that's what my 1 Day Retreats are!

Just like on a plane where we have to put on our own oxygen masks before we can help others, in life we also need to look after ourselves before we can look after anyone or anything else. Having regular breaks from every day life ensures that we stay energised enough to live up to our demanding modern lifestyle and go through each day having fun, enjoying the little things and embracing life as it happens for us.

The Get Out! Mindfulness Retreat Days are an opportunity for you to come along and for once not be in charge. All you do is show up and join in: I plan the route, provide lunch and you get a bespoke Kit List in advance. I guide you through several Mindfulness Exercises along the way (you don't have to have any experience in meditating) and you get the opportunity to try a cold water dip in a lake.

Being in cold water is the easiest way to be present. In this moment your mind doesn't concentrate on anything else but what the water feels like and how your body reacts to it. It's a truly exhilarating experience, especially when surrounded by green mountains and stunning views.
Even though I encourage everyone to join me in the lake, it is entirely up to you how far you go and if you want to try it. There is no pressure or judgement if you decide you're happy to stay out of the water and just enjoy the views instead.

Group Hike

Mindfulness Exercises

Cold Water Therapy

Local Mindfulness Walks in Penarth

For everyone who doesn’t feel comfortable being in the Mountains all day: The Mindfulness Walks are the Retreat Days, just in shorter and more accessible!

For two hours in the afternoon, we walk along Penarth’s coastal path and tune into everything that we don’t usually take in. A local walk becomes a short but powerful break from everyday life where you come closer to yourself in little Meditations, take in what you usually miss and recharge for the following days.

Wellbeing Workshops

For our workshop series all about mental and physical well-being, I'm teaming up with Nutritional Therapist Clementine Gregory.

Each workshop comes with a specific topic that will be covered from a holistic perspective.

In two hours in the evening, we meet up once a month in Cardiff to share Mindfulness Techniques, Nutritional Tools, and reflective exercises that will help you to feel your best. We're creating a calm environment which allows conversation, sharing and also very important: fun!


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I'd love to answer any of your questions! Please get in touch to find out more or book on one of the Retreat Days.